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Green Design for Healthy Homes

All of the new homes that we build follow green design concepts to address the indoor environment. By paying attention to material selection, it is possible to greatly reduce the off-gassing of toxic vapors inside the home. Most homes produce some noxious gases through the combustion of wood stoves, boilers and gas appliances. These gases as well as excess moisture can be ventilated to the outside by means of heat-recovery ventilation, which exhausts stale indoor air while conditioning fresh air as it enters the home.

Green design homes are constructed in a way to be friendly to the environment and healthy spaces for its occupants. They use material selection, high-performance construction, Energy STAR appliances, intelligent temperature controls, insulation, high-performance lighting, proper ventilation, low-maintenance and renewable materials effectively to create low-impact, high-performance green homes. Over the years we have learned that the latest “idea” or new technology needs to be tempered with common sense, thoughtful design and proven construction methods. The goal is a home that is comfortable, well-built, and healthy for you and your family.

Green Building Products:

  1. salvaged materials, including: doors, millwork, hardwood, flooring and bricks
  2. materials with recycled content: rubber flooring, tile, cellulose insulation
  3. materials that conserve natural resources: engineered lumber
  4. materials that require low maintenance: fiber cement siding – standing seam roofs, clad windows
  5. rapidly renewable and certified wood products: linoleum, MDF, flooring from local forests, bamboo flooring
  6. materials that avoid toxic emissions: borate-treated products, low VOC paints, formaldehyde-free sheet goods, natural fiber carpeting, rugs and drapes
  7. materials and techniques that save energy: high performance wall construction, air sealing, solar water heating, PV systems and passive solar design, fluorescent lighting